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Electric Bike Repairs

Rear Hub Motor

Electric rear wheel motor swap. 

Cut electrical wires can result in a internal motor swap. 

Overcharged Battery 

Leaving the battery on a charger to long can result in overheated batteries! This posses a fire hazard and insufficient battery voltage to the electrical system.  

Controller replacement

Zugo E-Bike company went out of business. A generic E-Bike controller was retrofitted to save the Electric Bike.

Bearing Replacement

E-Bike motor had a bad bearing that was making a load noise internally. 

RoadRunner Scooter

Bushing and shock replacement. 

Magnum E-Bike

Replacement controller.

Water damaged

Hurricane Ian Submerged an E-Bike for a couple hours. The salt water intrudes into everything and starts corrosion immediately.


Found a broken wire internally on a new battery. You don't realized how many wires are on the inside of an E-Bike battery. There is also a computer board called a BMS. The board moniters the battery at all times.

Wheel replacement

Wheel replacement on a RoadRunner Scooter. Front and rear wheels on these scooters can achieve 55 mph.

Throttle Sensor

This tiny linear hall sensor is what makes the throttle work.

Disc Brake Bleed

Disc brake repair on NanRobot. We do a lot of Disc pad and Disc repair on scooters. This is also a 55mph scooter. Brakes are very important. 

New Rim

E-Wheels that break spokes frequently get a heavy duty rim laced into your E-Wheel. 

Broken Wires

Sometimes wires that are broken or bare can be repaired. 

Hall Sensors 

E-Wheels have a circuit board with hall sensors. These sensors is what help make the wheel turn. A lot of times when a wire gets cut it shorts these sensors out.  


Repair of the bottom bracket of a Himiway E-Bike.

Lectric E-Bike

Found a bad wheel on a new Lectric E-Bike. New rear wheel was ordered right from Lectric.