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Work hard and play harder! The Magnum Pathfinder 500 is an e-bike that suits your active lifestyle. Whether it's used for recreation, exercise, commuting, or for the pure joy of power-assisted movement, the unisex Magnum Pathfinder 500 with its step-through frame will match your physique and your skills, and exceed your expectations. Highlights: - Category: Fat Tire - Class: Can be configured to a Class 1, 2, or 3 E-Bike. - Frame Type: Low-step - Seating: Relaxed - Perfect For: Paved / Light Trails / Recreation THE BATTERY. The heart of The Pathfinder 500, the long-range 48V / 13Ah / 624Wh battery blends in smoothly with the frame for a sleek look. It powers up to 50 miles, depending on variables like body and cargo weight, terrain, wind direction, and pedal assist level. 13Ah 50 miles (80 Kilometers) Max Range 6.5 Hours Charge Time RIDE SMOOTHER 20" x 3" Fat Tire Wheels The Pathfinder’s 3” fat tires absorb shock and heighten stability. They will improve handling over unexpected pot holes and uneven pavement, providing extra traction, control, and comfort.
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