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The Peak T5 begins where the road ends! It has a torque pedal assist sensor that combines power from the rider and the motor for the ultimate in smoothness and control. A wide range drive train and a robust power system make the Peak T5 an ideal choice for trail riding. Highlights: - Category: Mountain - Class: Can be configured to a Class 1, 2, or 3 E-Bike. - Frame Type: High-step, MTB Cross-Country - Seating: Active - Perfect For: Gravel / Trails / Off-road THE BATTERY. Long-range (up to 50 miles) battery for the freedom and power to tackle longer rides 15Ah 50 miles (80 Kilometers) Max Range 7.5 Hours Charge Time TORQUE-SENSING PEDAL ASSIST Amplify your effort. The torque-sensing pedal assist feature adds just the right amount of power from the motor to amplify your effort. It feels just like riding a regular bicycle, but with greater ease and comfort.
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