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Life in your 90's

Enjoying life and being healthy after turning 90 is an achievement in itself, but Betty Cox, now 91, didn’t want to stop there. Together with her husband Graham, 86, she bought a tandem bicycle, so they could still enjoy their life-long passion. And after just one season of riding, they managed to clock up astonishing 1,000 miles. Video

Copenhagen Wheel

  The Copenhagen Wheel will be here in 2 weeks. We are proud to be a retailer for one of the best add on electric assist kits you can get. With complete control through your smart phone you can pick out how much assist you want or even do a software update!

Whats inside?

So whats inside you say? Everything you need to motorize your bike. All you do is install the wheel in place of your rear wheel and go. That's it!  No external parts. 

Electrified Road Bike

Dennis wanted to go farther and stay on his bike longer. With several modes of assistance he can do that.